Are you itching to get out in the mountains in winter?

Do you want to learn skills and take on new challenges?

With top quality input and instruction our winter skills courses may be exactly what you're looking for! We cater to all abilities and ages with the aim of equipping you with new skills to be able to enjoy the mountains of Scotland in winter conditions, so if that sounds like it could be for you, read on!


What is it?

The aim of these courses is to teach, develop and practice the skills required to go hillwalking in the mountains in winter.

Who is it for?

Those with little or no experience of winter hillwalking. Normally you would have a decent level of hill fitness and summer mountain experience beforehand, in a range of conditions.

How long is it?

As the name suggests it is a 2-day course! But we will support and advise you even before the course begins to ensure you are prepared with what to expect and what kit you’ll need. We also offer 1, 3, 4 or 5 days courses for those looking to take things to another level!

Where is it?

Most of our winter courses will take place in the Cairngorms National Park or will be based from Fort William, to give us the maximum time in the winter environment as possible.

The Black Cuillin of Skye.

Eleven summits that represent he most technically challenging of the 282 Munros and for many baggers, the highlight.

It’s fair to say that there is nowhere else quite like it in the UK. More akin to the jagged peaks of the Alps than the green mountains of Scotland.

Success in summiting these peaks comes down to four key factors:

- Fitness

 - Scrambling / easy climbing ability

 - Head for heights

- Organisation / planning

Much has been written about these peaks, however I wanted to share my two cents on what I think gives the highest chance of success on these special mountains.

Beginner Walks

We often get enquiries that start with a question such as: I am a total beginner and I’d like to do something to enjoy the landscape of Skye without taking on too much, what would you recommend?

I love these types of enquiries. Skye has so much to offer in the way of beautiful landscapes that leave a lasting impression. But a lot of the terrain, particularly in the Cuillin, can be challenging and can leave some people feeling like they can’t take part in the enjoyment of it.

Intermediate Scrambles

The Black Cuillin. The name conjoures powerful images and feelings for those that know the mountains. There are 12 Munros on Skye, 11 of those are connected to the Cuillin Ridge. They represent some of the most challenging peaks in the UK and most involve technical skills and the use of a rope to reach the summit. The twelfth Skye Munro is Blabheinn (Blaven). Situated away from the main ridge, it is a Black Cuillin in geology and character alike.

Advanced Climbs

The Cuillin Ridge of Skye is considered a real test piece for the budding mountaineer. For decades it has been a place for people to come and hone their craft in the mountains and be measured against a standard. It remains a mountain range of full value and represents the closest thing to an alpine environment that the UK has to offer.

Mountain Training Association
Association of Mountaineering Instructors

It is important that our guides are both appropriately qualified and experienced to ensure you remain safe while out exploring.